Jane Wilson

I create textiles and mixed media pieces as a way to share my experiences of people, locations and events. I like to preserve the memories and my impressions of specific times and significant places.

Many of the pieces are a response to my local environment and my love of the sea. Most are inspired by my travels and time spent living in small communities around the world; from a Kibbutz in the Negev desert to a Hebridean Island via the boating community on the Oxford canal and the Flower Hmong of northern Vietnam.

I like to use old and found materials that in themselves tell a story. I then build on this history adding a new layer and creating a new narrative. 

I am interested in the small details; the textures, lines and shapes at a micro level. I often recreate the surface pattern as I perceive it.

Whilst working in education I always brought creativity into the classroom. I decided to develop and formalize my art skills and knowledge on an “Access to Art and Design” Course at York College. I am currently living in Thirsk, developing my practice and leading community workshops. In September 2018 I began an MA in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University. I am exploring how to create a Sense of Place.