recent exhibition

This exhibition was in response to the theme of repetative images. During a trip to Cape Town  I photographed and drew animal markings, in particular tortoise shells, I then looked at similar designs in my local environment including tree knots and rusting metal. I translated these shapes full of intricate lines and rich textures to textiles and papers. I experimented with a range of techniques, including free hand machine embroidery, hand embroidery, felting, screen printing, dying fabrics with natural materials, using water soluble fabric and distressing fabrics and papers. My colour palette was drawn from the South African landscape. I then decided to display the pieces as though they were found objects from an archeological dig in the Western Cape in the 1930s. My finished installation included pieces I had created plus found objects. I labelled each piece as if a genuine antiquity e.g. death masks worn by dancers during burial rituals, ceremonial robes worn by Tribal chiefs, burial shroud etc.