• Jane

As part of my MA I visited Tenno in Northern Italy on an art residency and created work in reponse to the place.

My art work was shown as part of an exhibition held at the end of the residency. I explored how to personalise souvenirs in order to create your own sense of place. I created a map from textiles and found objects to share what I had found whilst walking around the area. This centered on the turquoise Lake Tenno in the centre of the valley, surrounded by flower meadows ( I dyed fabric with the flowers), next the sounds of birds and cow bells, ( I made small bags to capture the sounds which I visualised and drew), the forests kept safe by the local community ( wrapped sticks and acorn cups) and finally the outer circle of the high Dolomite mountains often covered in mist and snow (wet felting and collaged rocks) that created a border. The painted signs on rocks were typical of rocks found on the pathways to show the way to the next valley and the Monastery and Church.