• Jane

Once we were allowed to meet another person for daily walks I met up with artist Rachel Morrell in order to explore the local northern landscape. The physical act of walking and talking provided ample inspiration and helped develop my creative practice. I am now refining my previous research into interactions between places and people to considering my own place within the landscape.

In our most recent project called Pilgrimage we have been following in the footsteps of others across the North Yorkshire Moors; paths created by saints, smugglers and travellers. We are exploring why people made these journeys and creating work in response to our findings.

I have created three pieces inspired by walks along The Quaker’s Way in The North Yorkshire Moors. The colour palette is inspired by the yellow stones, the stormy blue skies and the iron ore seeping through the ground. The lines reflect the gridlines, contours and paths marked on the old maps we followed.

Unhistoric Acts

George Baker’s Unhistoric Acts shares stories of Quaker families and landscapes of North East Yorkshire. In George Eliot’s Middlemarch reference is made to unhistoric or small, unseen acts of kindness that make the world a better place. This sentiment was seen throughout the pandemic.

Hollow Ways

This piece is inspired by hollows formed in the eroded trods of The Quaker’s Way and hollows carved on top of the way markers and crosses scattered across the Moors; where money and food is left for travellers and fairies.


Fernweh can be translated from German as a yearning for an unknown place. This yearning prompted the idea of a pilgrimage; finding my way physically, creatively and spiritually across the northern landscape.